OnBeat solar powered headphones also charge your smartphones

OnBeat solar powered headphones 3

Previously we have harped about solar powered cellphone chargers and even solar powered Bluetooth speakers. And, this time around, we have come across an equally ‘green’ conception that sort of combines the applications of both a charger and a speaker. We are of course talking about the newly released OnBeat solar powered headphone set. Tapping into the nigh perpetual realm of solar energy, these handy headphones can charge your smartphone, while you are busy listening to your favorite music, watching your choicest videos or even playing your precious games.

OnBeat solar powered headphones 2

The OnBeat solar powered headphone set exhibits an ergonomic design with lightweight yet flexible ear-buds. As a matter of fact, these ear-buds are custom built to suit the ‘listening comfort’ of individual users. Of course beyond its design credentials, it is the integration of the solar powered mechanism that really tickles our fancy.

OnBeat solar powered headphones 1

In that regard, the flexible solar cell is strategically integrated onto the upper curving surface area of the headband, thus allowing direct contact with sunlight. Having a volume of about 55 cubic cm, the sustainable power generated by the set-up comes to around 0.55W. This is stored in the lithium-ion batteries incorporated within the ear cups. And, in case you are worried about cloudy days, the headphone set can also be charged in a conventional manner via USB connection.

OnBeat solar powered headphones

Finally, coming to the pricing of the OnBeat solar powered headphone, each set will set you back by £119 (or around $183). For more buying details, you can check their Kickstarter page and their home page.

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