Instructables member creates a working DIY mobile phone

DIY mobile phone by Ye Xiaobo

Still glum over the loss of your favorite mobile phone? Worry not as Instructables has once again come forth to your rescue. How so, you ask? Well, Instructables member Ye Xiaobo has showcased a fully functional DIY mobile phone that you can construct in your very home. By ‘fully functional’ we mean that the phone does everything that a feature phone is expected to do; including of course sending and receiving phone calls. And, the great thing about the design that would entice us geeks and aficionados alike is that its outer shell is entirely 3D printed!

Coming to its working scope, the phone is based in upon a few core modules including an Arduino Uno, a TFT Touch Shield and a GPRS Shield. This means that the DIY mobile phone has a convenient touch screen, while its connectivity credentials are covered by both GSM and GPRS networks. The practical scope of the conception is also cranked up to a usable level by the integration of a rechargeable Li-po battery.

Now, of course given its DIY pedigree, the overall design of the Arduino phone is a bit on the clunky side (which is even admitted by the creator). Furthermore, if one wants to try out Angry Birds, Ye Xiaobo warns that you would need to do some major modifications. However, at the end of the day, the aim was all about making your very own workable cell phone; and this is where the DIY Arduino mobile phone succeeds with flying colors. For more details on the step-by-step process, head down to this Instructables link.

Via: Instructables/Technabob


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