Blinkring Nerdy jewelry – DIY Ear rings with LEDs for that geeky bling

Blinkring Nerdy jewelry

Wearing the geekiest rings to an upbeat party surely adds to your charisma and makes you stand out in the crowd. For this very reason Bertho Stoltiens has been working on a DIY project that involves making the coolest ear rings from old computer parts. Bertho calls it the Blinkring as it measures 31mm in diameter and has 12 LEDs at equidistant space. Although Bertho is not that profound a DIYer but still managed to fit in all the small circuitry inside such a confined space to make a blinking ring. This nerdy jewelry created from Cr2032 coin cell, PCB (Printed Circuit Board), paperclips, hard disk spindle mount, 6 green LEDs and micro-controller is capable of putting forth 20 different patterns of lighting display.

Blinkring Nerdy jewelry

Since there are electronics involved with this ear ring project therefore you don’t need to pierce it through your ear rather it sits comfortably on your upper ear lobe area hooked on by a paperclip. To enable user control for the Blinkring a switch made from paperclip is added which by the way is a bit hard to install as it needs to have low activation force and must have spring function. For programming the Blinkring PIC12LF1552 is used and data file hack was needed to get programming support intact.

You can make your own Blinkring by following the make instructions and other details at the project website. In the meanwhile have a look at the Blinkring in action in the video below.



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