Incredible Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter scale model cost $19000 to make

Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter replica

Star Wars and Darth Vader have always fascinated geeks around the globe for one simple reason that this epic series and the most famous character Darth Vader have been able to capture the audiences’ imagination. We have seen a lot of Darth Vader props and DIY projects but this one will surely overshadow them all. The Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter made by a team of 20 German DIYers dubbed as Project X1 Props is a 1:2 scale model of the Sith Lord’s TIE Fighter. The TIE Fighter spans across 5.3 m wide, 4.8 m long and weighs almost 1.4 tons making it a heavyweight Galactic Empire starfighter model. Showing that what Germans are capable of apart from their classy cars of course, this DIY project took a lot of precision and hard work of 1000 man hours to come to life. The team took a toy model of the Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter and then carefully made all the components to bring together a piece of classic Star Wars prop.

The model was made in a parking garage with the steel frame making the skeletal of the starfighter and giant plastic balls making up the cockpit. It took a whopping $19,000 USD to put together which by the way is a huge sum for a DIY project and will be revealed at Star Wars Celebration Europe on July 26th in Messe Essen, Germany. This half sized replica model of the original fighter shown in the epic series is truly one example of German DIY engineering, showing us what they are capable of.

# According to Michael Schramm, one of the makers

The reason is my love for Star Wars. And those “crazies’, with whom I share this passion. We live out our dreams and have fun doing it.” He added that their detailed starfighter is dedicated to Star Wars creator, George Lucas. The team plan to show off their stunning Tie Fighter at the STAR WARS – Celebration Europe.

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