Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 Case turns smartphone into bread slice

Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 case_1

With so many iPhone 5 cases out there it sometimes gets hard to choose the best one depending on the price, usability and protection criterion. This prompts creative geeks to come up with iPhone cases that are different from the league and still manage to provide premium protection to your smartphone. No doubting that this iPhone 5 case comes straight from Japan which now can be proclaimed as the land of unique gadgets. The Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 Case turns your smartphone into a slice of bread while providing protection from accidental falls and other elements. Shaped like a Memory Bread, the case is made from soft elastic urethane which is easy to grip and protects the iPhone in case it slips from your hand.

You can easily attach or detach the iPhone 5 case whenever you want and the elasticity of the Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 case allows you to crush it or keep it unkempt wherever you want to keep it. Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 case costs just $21 (2080 Japanese Yen) and will ship straight from Japan, so go grab it now before the stock ends.

Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 case

Doraemon Ankipan Soft iPhone 5 case



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