Five amazing things you didn’t know 3D printer could print

3D Printer

3D printers may seem like something out of a Star Trek episode and something that only the biggest companies can afford, but like with all technology, the future can only bring good things. Hopefully, one day soon you will no longer have to hit it big at the jackpot capital online casino in order to afford one of these innovative printers. We all know about the “boring” objects that can be 3D printed, such as clothing, jewelry  cell phone covers, and figurines, but I bet you’ll be surprised at the endless number of unbelievable objects that could soon be at your fingertips. Take a look.

Human Bones and Organs

3D printed bionic ear

If you thought a small 3D printout of Yoda was an awesome thing, boy I have got news for you! With this technology comes a whole new world of healthcare and transplants. Belgian researchers have successfully created a 3D-printed titanium lower jaw-bone implant which was given to an 83 year old woman whose jaw had been damaged by disease.With the help of stem cells, realistic looking ears have also been designed. The hope is that in the near distant future, thanks to this technology, more complex organs like kidneys can be designed.

And you thought Facebook reminding you about birthdays was a “life saver.”

Mini You

3D printed Mini You

Yes, you read that correctly. The Omote 3D photo booth in Japan will create a miniature action figure of yourself. Simply stand still for fifteen minutes while the full-body scanner does its magic, and there you are, literally. Not sure what this means for future children’s toys, but perhaps the meaning of “playing with myself” will soon change.


Your Unborn Child

3D printed Unborn Child

Don’t worry, this isn’t some strange voodoo ritual and no, the anti-abortion activists won’t arrive with protest boards and pitchforks. There is a company (also in Japan) that takes the idea of a 3D ultrasound to a whole new level. This ‘Shape of an Angel’, a 3D print out of your unborn foetus can be yours for the lovely price of $1275.


Guitars and other Musical Instruments

World’s first 3D printed acoustic guitar

3D designer and printing technician Scott Summit spent a week up in the mountains sitting in front of his laptop, designing his perfect guitar. He then went on to become the first person to create a 3D printed acoustic guitar. Completed with a heel joint and the metal sound hole cover, this is every struggling musicians dream come true (once the price of printers goes down).


3D Printers

CUBE - 3D printed 3D printer

What is this crazy printer-inception that I speak of? We all know that you can’t wish for more wishes, but it looks like the exact opposite is possible when it comes to 3D printers. If you are able to get over the fear of self-replicating machines, the technology is fantastic. Although the technology is still not completely there yet, in theory, 3D printers will be able to print the different components needed to recreate an entirely new 3D printer. The problem seems to arise when it comes to printing the chips needed, although the future of lower-cost consumer products is definitely a bright one.






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