Suzanns Dolly for shooting ultra-stabilized panning time-lapse videos

Suzanns Dolly Motion controlled camera rig

Ryan Grayston has made a camera dolly that is motion controlled camera rig which permits 3D animation software to program movements for future playback using Blender 3D open-source software. Ryan calls it Suzanns Dolly and it consists of 4 axis camera rigs namely dolly, pan, tilt and focus/zoom. This kind of rig comes in handy for taking complex shots wherein a time-lapse video has to be shot at very difficult angles. Purchasing such kind of dolly doesn’t come cheap and can be only afforded by big production houses so Ryan’s DIY in a way saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Taking help from local community workshop, Saskatoon Techworks to mill the base of the dolly which has all the electronics, Arduino pro mini, pan and tilt heads; the project is still undergoing subtle refinements.

Suzanns Dolly Motion controlled camera rig

With different controls for pan, tilt and focus of the camera this camera dolly also incorporates Lego bricks to add to the DIY projects uniqueness. This motion control camera rig provides enhanced stabilization to the shots taken not only in normal panned shots but also in time-lapse panned shots which can never be achieved with normal stabilizers. This is what makes this motion control camera rig a must have for all videographers and photographers who are looking to showcase their talent in a very special way.

According to Ryan the rig can be made by avid DIYers for around $400 which is not much considering the kind of functionality you get for your camera. He has been making this 4 axis motion controlled camera dolly for over a year now and so far the work looks good as he has been able to get usable footage with it.

Via: BlenderArtists



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