Amputee builds himself a functional prosthetic arm

 Angel Sanguino prosthetic arm

Remember Christina Stephens, a lower limb amputee who build herself a prosthetic leg out of Lego bricks? We’ll now to impress our wits, a 33-year-old Venezuelan Angel Sanguino, who lost his left arm (from the shoulder down) in an accident last year, has built himself a robotic arm which allows him to carry out many useful tasks. A talented electronics technician, Angel lost his job after his disability, but that didn’t work as a deterrent for him, and in under a year, he is back repairing electronic components just like before without anybody else’s assistance – thanks to his homemade prosthetic arm created precisely to help him work again.

With help from his uncle Rodriguez – an orthopedist who provided Angle with necessary parts from other prosthesis, Angel has made a resourceful robotic arm, which is fitted with switches and sensors that react to the movement of his collarbone. The prosthetic hand is equipped with a clamp (to hold things for repair), a magnifying glass and lighting for improved vision, and it is powered by a small motor connected to a battery. Initially Angel focused mainly only the functionality of the prosthetic arm and paid no attention to the aesthetics, but he is now midway through a more visually appealing arm.

Angel informs that a high-tech prosthetic in Venezuela can cost around 90,000 bolivars ($14,500), which is way beyond what an average person can pay. Thus, he sat down to create a prosthetic arm from domestically available materials which can cost anywhere from $300 to $800. For now, he says he has created a prosthetic arm only for his needs, but he can build one easily for various needs on requirement.

Via: Noticias24/OddityCentral



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