Robot enthusiast builds life-size wooden Cylon for fun

Wooden Cylon by Dmitry Balandin

If you’re indulged in a personal war with the Twelve Colonies of humanity, then you’d want a Cylon (from  Battlestar Galactica) to fight for your cause. To take home a robot worrier for your sci-fi needs, you would want to contact Dmitry Balandin – the 39-year-old Ukrainian who has built himself a 1.95 -meter-tall Cylon from 500 separate plywood parts. The robot enthusiast has incurred an expenditure of $300 and spent roughly six months in building this most amazing DIY robot we’ve seen in a period.

Christening the DIY Cylon as the most amazing robot wouldn’t be an exaggerated statement considering that the wooden bot features flexible joints and can move its limbs, hand, neck and torso as if it was a real dude. Balandin had a childhood dream of creating a real-life robot – he began chasing his dream about six months ago, when he got down to work on this wooden robot. After months of experimenting and lots of planning, Balandin managed a creative robot (within a scaled down budget).

Not completely satisfied with his creation, the Ukrainian wants to give his bot a more human appearance and wants to allow it move in a way to fight, like the real Cylons.  After this, Balandin now plans to build a female wooden robot for his wooden Cylon’s company, the girlfriend robot will be more challenging to build because the Balandin plans to use over 850 plywood parts in it.

Wooden robot by Dmitry Balandin

Wooden robot by Dmitry Balandin

Via: KP/OddityCentral



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