Who needs a home when there is the Walking Shelter

Walking Shelter mobile habitat

You like camping, adventure and foremost lying down on the grass and admiring the night sky then you are definitely someone who doesn’t need the constricted walls of a house around you. Just imagine a human shelter that you can conceal inside your sneakers and open up whenever the need arises. In a way you are your own shelter and the shelter is you. Walking Shelter by Gorman is a mobile habitat that will get you through any weather and any precarious situation as it is flexible enough to fit inside your shoe. The main idea behind this adventure gear is to reduce the load and make sure you have something to sleep inside on a cold night. Walking Shelter is stored in the integrated net pockets within the shoe and within a few minutes it turns into a shelter with your body as the frame.

One can customize the shelter in a number of ways depending on the sitting or sleeping position depending on the environment and user’s own preference. Although it might not be as accommodating as a full blown tent but still a better option than a sleeping bag. There is no word yet on the pricing or availability of this niche adventure gear that most of the people will like, but still we’ll keep an eye on any details that prop-up.

Walking Shelter mobile habitat

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