Muzik smart headphones post track you’re listening to as status on Facebook

Muzik smart headphones

After the samrtphones, smart TVs, smart cars and all things smart we have seen in the smart world, headphones were the last thing we’d thought would reach the smart tag so soon. Nonetheless, Muzik smart headphones are out there to change our perception and force us to accept them as the new rage in audio enhancement.  Courtesy its built-in social software, the Muzik headphones are first pair of headies ever built that allow audiophiles to share the track they are listening to on social networks directly.

Muzik smart headphones

Designed as over the ear headphones, the Muzik features capacitive touch controls on the right earcup that lets you control a range of actions – like increasing or decreasing volume, changing tacks or posting what you’re listening to directly to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Muzik headphone slated to retail for $299 (when they start selling in fourth quarter of the year), are made smarter with the accelerometer, which lets Muzik stop playing when you take it off.

According to the makers, the pre-orders for the headphones will be announced shortly. And also a platform will be created for developers to allow them to tweak their own apps for the Muzik.

Muzik smart headphones


Via: Gizmodo/SlashGear



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