The Shot Coach improves your basketball game drastically

The Shot Coach basketball trainer

We have been seeing a constant change in the way games are evolving keeping abreast with the technology. Which is very evident from the Adidas MiCoach Smart Ball, Smart Basketball, 8 Board and Dunlop Swing Labo that are hell bent on improving whatever sport that you play professionally or just as an amateur. Now, students at Brigham Young University have developed the first basketball training system called The Shot Coach that is capable of tracking basketball shoots, record the wrist movement, shot trajectory, the ball’s velocity when air-borne and other shot statistics in real time. All this is done with a light-weight rubber wristband, electronic box connected to the backboard and a compatible smartphone app that collect all the data and instantly transmit the information to the player or coach.

The Shot Coach basketball trainer

The Shot Coach wristband

The Shot Coach wristband that the player wears contains motion tracking sensors to track all the shots taken on the basketball court by measuring the wrist movement, acceleration and velocity relative to the basketball hoop. Then there is the The Shot Coach free app (available for all smartphones) that integrates the information into visually understandable statistics like shot location maps, missed shots, shot arch elbow positioning etc. Next up is the small box having motion sensors that magnetically attaches to the underside of basketball rim and transmits (via Bluetooth) all the data collected from the wristband.

The Shot Coach basketball trainer

The Shot Coach electronic box

Perfect for budding basketball players who can’t afford a coach or high-end training methods that cost a lot, The Shot Coach gives you the most accurate reading on all the shots and techniques that you have been using so far. This then helps you to make subtle changes to your existing game so that you can move forward by leaps and bounds into being an excellent basketball player. The Shot Coach will cost around $250 which definitely will be a good investment for improving your basketball game.

The Shot Coach basketball trainer

The Shot Coach App

# According to Josh Bennett, a mechanical engineering student at BYU

We have designed the wristband with a digital compass and other advanced sensors that reconstruct the exact orientation of a player’s wrist in the process of shooting. The wristband also keeps information on the player’s position anywhere on the court. Sometimes, shots are missed because they are too strong and other times because they come up a little short, Our box monitors all this information.
The objective of our system is to give the player or coach the kind of feedback that can be applied to improvements in all aspects of the game, from critical decisions to correct form.



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