Five car inspired baby strollers, from fastest to flame shooting

Five car inspired baby strollers

Baby Strollers have lately become the hottest and highly-engineered performing vehicles on the market. Having seen some pimped up strollers, we were really thrilled with ones inspired by cars. Therefore, for dads who want their toddlers to be transported around the block in style, we have listed below five best car-inspired baby stroller which includes the fastest and a flame throwing stroller amid other breathtaking ones. Hit the jump to enjoy!

# The Mad Max Stroller

Fastest-Stroller-Mad Max-Baby stroller

Built specifically to ride a kid born to be wild – the Mad Max Stroller cannot just be any child’s ride. Perfect for the father who wants his kiddo in a rocker on a set of monstrous wheels, the Mad Max Stroller clearly draws inspiration from film franchise “Mad Max”. The baby stroller is stuffed in with a 125cc motorbike engine which takes your little one on a joy ride at top speeds of up to 53mph. Being the fastest prams in the world, the Mad Max Stroller is a brain child of Colin Furze, who also has the world’s fastest mobility scooter to his credit.

# The Roddler from Kid Kustoms


Kid Kustoms has hand-built their hot rod inspired stroller called The Roddler from ultra-durable aluminum and stainless steel. The stroller’s leather upholstery, fin shaped fender and white wall tires remind of the hot rod we’ve all grown up playing with. As The Roddler is hand-built, it can be customized to include Bluetooth caller and speakerphone, DVD player and iPod dock for a starting price of $2500.

 # Silver Cross Surf – Aston Martin Pram

Silver Cross Surf – Aston Martin Pram

When high-class baby carriage inventor Silver Cross joins forces with British luxury sports car maker Aston Martin, the result sure needs to be something special. Case in point the Silver Cross Surf – Aston Martin Pram, which has been engineered with high-tech craftsmanship and luxury. The limited edition baby stroller is only available in 800 pieces for roughly $3000 each from Harrods. Weighing about 7.5kg, the stroller features an air-ride suspension, leather trimmed handle, and aluminum-alloy wheels (similar to the ones on the Aston Martin One-77). It has an anodized aluminum and magnesium alloy chassis and comes complete with Alcantara and leather seat.

# Skoda vRS Mega Man-Pram


The most recent on the list of five distinct strollers, the vRS Mega Man-Pram by Skoda will surely blow every dad’s mind away.  The vRS Mega Man-Pram is built in celebration of Czech automaker’s launch of the fastest car ever, the Octavia vRS. The pimped up baby stroller is accompanied with the same credentials that we are accustomed to in a Skoda car – the vRS Mega Man-Pram is two meters high and has wing mirrors, hydraulic suspension, oversized brake callipers, anti-stress grips, headlamp beam and impressive 20-inch alloy wheels. With adjustable lumbar support and very sporty upholstery this is perhaps the finest way to transport your little devil.

# Cadillac baby stroller


If you fall for things with a charm of uniqueness, then this Cadillac baby stroller is what the dad in you would want your kid to be transported in. A scale model of the 1960s iconic Cadillac, the baby stroller comes fitted with lighting under the body. Featuring hot rod style white wall tires and those slick red interiors of the yesteryears, the Cadillac baby stroller can shoot flames on a press of a button.



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