Clone iPhone 5 into fully functional stabilized camcorder with AB Grip

AB Grip DN 84841 iPhone 5 camcorder accessory

Holding your iPhone 5 in landscape position and shooting memorable recordings that are priceless can be the best thing. But the key is to hold your iPhone 5 (or earlier) in the landscape position with minimal shake and also not to forget the time frame for which you have to hold the smartphone for recording. Donya as usual is up for the challenge and released an iPhone accessory that works with iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S as it converts your smartphone into a camcorder. Although the worse part about reviewing Japanese products is to figure out the real name of the product but Donya really got us this time as the only thing we could figure out about this cool accessory was the model number DN-84841 and the name as AB Grip.

Coming onto the AB Grip iPhone accessory, it can be mounted onto a tripod to shoot very stable and shake free recording just like you would do on a camcorder. There are three buttons which correspond to still picture shooting/video recording, shoot button and continuous picture shooting mode. The iPhone accessory has a very ergonomically cylindrical design which is easy to grip and you can insert your iPhone 5/4/4S right into the provided slot which can be adjusted.

All this for just $20 USD (1999 Japanese Yen) is not a bad deal and the AB Grip accessory made for iPhone 4/4S/5 is light enough to be carried around in your pocket as it weighs only 110 grams and measures 130×50 mm in diameter.

AB Grip DN 84841 iPhone 5 camcorder accessory



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