New Zealander builds 3D printed Aston Martin DB4 you can ride

3D printed Aston Martin DB4 replica

3D printing is one tool that you can use for creating exact replicas of things you wished were yours but could never be because of the humongous costs. Having the popular 1961 Series II Aston Martin DB4 is not everyone’s luck but surely you can have one if you have a 3D printer. Ivan Sentch from Auckland, New Zealand is in the process of making his dream car using 3D printing with his second generation Solidoodle printer. The full scale replica of the DB4 will have a 250 HP Nissan Skyline drivetrain and fiberglass body with engine salvaged from 250 GTO replica, which means that proud owners of the real 1961 Series II Aston Martin DB4 are going to be more than jealous as this estimated $5000 3D printed baby zips past them on the road. He is working on this project from almost 8 months and the shape of the car is really coming well.

3D printed Aston Martin DB4 replica

With only 28 percent of the body left to print Ivan is all excited for the day his own replica version of Aston Martin DB4 will burn the tarmac. This project is going to be one hell of a DIY inspiration for avid 3D printing fans and clearly shows the possibilities of this brand new era of technology that will surely be dominated by advanced manufacturing techniques in the future.

3D printed Aston Martin DB4 replica

3D printed Aston Martin DB4 replica

Via: Engadget/Motherboard



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