Renesas launches toy car you can program to your liking

Renesas programmable toy car

Since Hot Wheels, toys cars have comes a long way. Toy cars have now become equally smart as the kids that use them. We have seen hand crank powered RC toy car and fastest toy car and now we are in for a toy car that you can program using a personal computer. Developed by Semiconductor maker Renesas Electronics, the Micon Racer (Microcontroller racer), as the car is called, measures only 14 centimeters long and six cm wide. The Micon Racer has a peculiar design – it has only two wheels at the rear and has a forward tilting body yet it can drive over a line on the floor with perfection (infrared sensors built-in).

The toy car, Renesas informs, is built to foster an interest for microcontrollers and programing in children from an early age. The microcontrollers act as the brain of the Micon Racer, which courtesy a software allows the car to be programmed for different types of commands. The creators of the Micon Racer that has gone on sale today for a price of 2,980 yen (approx. $29.80), plan to promote the car in schools as an educational tool.

Via: TheAsahiShimbun



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  1. Chuck Davis says:

    I recently won a drawing of the Renasas Micon Racer do it yourself kit. It’s all in Japanese and I’m having problems programming. Is there any place I can find US instructions or get technical help?

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