OstrichCopter – OMG! A remote controlled flying ostrich

OstrichCopter RC flying dead ostrich

The first time we at DamnGeeky saw a dead cat turned into a flying drone, we were surprised to bits and had an intuition that we would see something similar in the future but in other format of course. Well the intuition has turned into reality as the same bloke who created the Orvillecopter has now come up with his version of flying Ostrich quadcopter. Bart Jansen calls it the OstrichCopter and being a visual artist he had to give it that visual appeal that would be undeniably irresistible. Now, normally you would not expect a living ostrich to fly high in the sky but this dead remote controlled OstrichCopter soars in the sky like some migrating bird on a mission!

OstrichCopter RC flying dead ostrich

Bart has been working on his OstrichCopter project for the last twelve months and with help from Arjen Beltman, a technical engineer, they both managed to fit all the electronics and fancy gear inside the dead ostrich which they carefully found after searching in dozens of farms. After getting hold of the unfortunate dead ostrich they took it to the taxidermist to get it skinned and tanned.

So, courtesy a couple of DIY’s from one crazy guy, now we can proudly say that we have seen the world’s first flying ostrich and a flying cat, so what more can we expect? Well, I hope he can make an elephant fly, that would take some rotor power. Just, one piece of advice to this crazy, geeky bloke; don’t you ever think of making some human fly in the same way or else there will be a lot of trouble.

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