FLAMEnco – Flame throwing guitar sets the stage on fire

Flamenco guitar flame throwing guitar

Guitars are fiery instrument of music that can set any stage on fire in the hands of a talented artist. But to turn your guitar into a real fiery instrument is something extraordinary. That is exactly what Don Juan did with his guitar as he turned it into a flamethrower initially capable of showering multicolored flames to a distance of six feet for about 40 seconds. But as this bloke got the hang of things he expanded the capability of flame throwing guitar that he calls as FLAMEnco Guitar to a whopping 18-foot long flames colored in pyrotechnic supplies. Clearly this is something that you should not try at home without proper knowledge or you’ll set the whole block on fire but still a DIY for pro geeks who like the limelight.

To extend the capability of the FLAMEnco flame throwing guitar, Don used fuel tanks and a huge system that shoots such scary flames as he goes on playing the guitar. Using a new super compact burster system that works in tandem with mark 3 constant flame system. To add to the visual show the mark 1, 2, 3 and 6 can all be controlled remotely off stage with the help of a RF Led remote receiver.

Via: HackADay



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