Glowdeck = Wireless charger + Boombox + Dancing light

Glowdeck wireless charger light and sound gadget

Wireless charging gadget accessories are getting ever so popular with the geek crowd who want to juice up their loved gizmos with power without the hassle of cords or charging docking stations. Keeping this in mind designers and engineers are crafting up gadget accessories that solve just more than one purpose of charging up you smartphone or tablets wirelessly. Glowdeck is one cool accessory you would like to steal home as it not only charges your gadgets but also functions as a one stop solution for your everyday gizmo dominated activities like checking notifications, listening to music or speaking directly to the phone using voice commands. Unlike other Qi wireless charging devices this one is capable of juicing up two gadgets at the same time.

Glowdeck wireless charger light and sound gadget

The most interesting feature of Glowdeck is its ability to sync with your smartphone or tablet while music is being played and give smart lighting effects, converting your living room into a concert hall with really cool ambience. Since Glowdeck comes with high-quality speakers you can play the music through Bluetooth connectivity too. The lighting effects also come handy when there are any notifications of incoming calls or text messages.

Glowdeck wireless charger light and sound gadget

Other than that Glowdeck comes with a Wi-Fi enabled display that shows your personalized settings like current time, date or weather forecast. And if you want to go a step further then you can tune it to show social media trends, stock market data sports scores or event reminders from cloud-based services.

Glowdeck wireless charger light and sound gadget

The cool gadget has a high power internal power supply which is capable of running for 30 hours in standby mode and 18 hours in usage mode. And if you are charging your smartphone, playing music and enjoying the lighting effects then Glowdeck will last for as long as 9 hours in one go. The device works on the Qi wireless charging standard and the lighting system is made up of series of digital, multicolor LEDs. The sound system has state-of-the-art Bluetooth module, featuring digital signal processing (DSP), dual channel differential audio input & output, and Bluetooth v3.0 compatibility.

Glowdeck wireless charger light and sound gadget

Currently Glowdeck wireless power, light and sound gadget is up on Kickstarter platform for funding and as soon as it makes into production stage we can expect it to be out for sale in three different models; Glowdeck Mini, Glowdeck Single Edition and Glowdeck Multiple Edition with the latter being the most priced because of all the above mentioned features.

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