$3000 Stash Stainless Bass Guitar that cannot be destroyed on stage

Stash Stainless Bass Guitar

Wooden guitar are cool and produce a very rich acoustic sound that reverberates in the environment setting the listeners soul free but breaking the age old jinx of the wooden guitars is this one made entirely out of stainless steel material. Stash Stainless Bass Guitar is designed and hand assembled by Stanislaw Potyrala in Mississauga Ontario and made entirely from stainless steel material which lends this guitar much more stiffness and environmental stability when it comes to sound quality and tenability. The guitar has unified frets and tubular neck with a parallel array of strings around circular radius which gives it a very futuristic and upbeat design.

Since the Stash Stainless Bass Guitar is made from same stainless steel brushed metal therefore it has one coefficient of thermal expansion, meaning that the bass of this guitar is sure to stay in tune much longer than your conventional bass guitars and moreover the temperature variation would not be able to subdue the bass.

Stash Stainless Bass Guitar

All-in-all the guitar has a very distinctive design that improves the mechanical stability, for a much more accurate tuning. For the musician this guitar is like a dream as it has a more natural and comfortable ergonomic design to reach the strings for lesser muscle stress on the fingers, hands and wrist. Since Stash Stainless Bass Guitar has a very niche design and promises to give you an unforgettable guitar playing experience it carries a heavy price tag of $3000.

Stash Stainless Bass Guitar

# Stash Stainless Bass Guitar specifications

Pickups: Custom made split coils with Alnico 5 magnets
Weight: 4.5kg (10lb)
Scale: 34” (24 frets)
Neck: Stainless steel tube acoustic 38mm dia (1.5”)
Frets: H=1mm (0.040) W=3mm (0.118”) flat with rounded edges
Bridge: stainless steel adjustable
Potentiometers:250K volume and tone
Tuners: Gotoh type
String: space nut = 8.5mm (0.334”), bridge 15.5mm (0.610”)
Jack: Switchcraft

Stash Stainless Bass Guitar



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