myLED attaches to iPhone, blinks to indicate email notifications


Steve Job’s design idea behind the iPhone was to make a device that features few buttons and no indicator lights. But that may not necessarily be how you wanted the iPhone to be – especially when you get pissed with the annoying sounds iPhone makes to indicate a new email, Facebook or Twitter notification. Now, to make things a little like you’d fancy, Perfect Gear Agency (PGA) in Japan has introduced the myLED – an accessory to notify an incoming mail, Facebook or Twitter update using blinking LED light.

Like the BlackBerry and HTC phones that notify emails and other notifications in a specific pattern of blinking LED lights, now with the myLED your iPhone will also do the same, just with a twist of newness though. myLED is a small LED light device, which connects to the iPhones headphone jack and notifies the user about new email, Facebook or Twitter notification with blue or red flashing LED in multiple patterns.

With myLED you can get rid of the annoying notification sounds of the iPhone, and also make sure you don’t miss an important mail or update now. Priced at 2,980 yen (approximately: $30) myLED is compatible with iPhone 4/4S/5, all models of the iPad and the iPod fourth generation and above.

Via: iWire



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