The Altar – When music is initiated by lighting candles

The Altar

When music and candle light come together they can form magic. This is what Robbie Tilton in collaboration with Christie Leece and Katie Tibbetts want to put forth with their new creation The Altar. According to them using MP3 players, home stereo systems, boombox etc. for expressing the essence of music is very lame and something new, that essentially captures the listener’s imagination has to be created. The Altar is a musical espionage that is a physical computing model made from 17 photo cells, an Arduino Mega and candles. The concept is simple, as you light a candle the corresponding musical score plays and as you go on lighting up the candles, the music in The Altar mixes accordingly for a very ear pleasing experience.

The top part of each tier is laser cut and it took the trio a total of 6 hours to engrave the piece. The installation is still being developed and the designers want to host it in some church so that the guest can enjoy it to the fullest.



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