Rabbit Horn & Donut Horn iPhone 5 case amplify audio and much more

Rabbit Horn and Donut Horn case for iPhone 5

Looking for a geeky iPhone 5 case that amplifies your smartphone’s sound too? Then you are at the right place as the Rabbit Horn and Donut Horn case for iPhone 5 will surely make your smartphone look goofed up, and at the same time give it that megaphone effect for amplified sound. The ultra-flexible iPhone 5 cases have their own additional specialties as the Rabbit Horn iPhone 5 case has the cute little horns that can be used as earphone holder and the Donut Horn iPhone 5 case can function as the stand for the smartphone itself. Each of these iPhone 5 case comes in three color options; blue, red and orange making them a very attractive proposition.

The price tag of 1995 Yen ($20 USD) is a good one for such a funky iPhone accessory and yes it comes from Japan with love, which is no surprise as we are now accustomed to digging out the unseen gadgets and gadget accessories. Have a look at some more pictures of these cool iPhone 5 cases in the gallery featured above.

Via: Spec-Computer



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