Gone in 60 seconds – 3D printed charger used to hack iPhone in a jiffy

Mactans iPhone hacking charger

What we are about to tell you will surely send a cold numb down your spine if you are an iPhone user. Your iPhone is vulnerable to hacks to the extent that it can lead to all information theft on your smartphone, making unwanted calls and emptied bank accounts! And all this can be done if you unintentionally plug-in your iPhone into someone else’s charger as it will take only 60 seconds to install a malicious software on your smartphone and thereafter you are spelled for doom. In a startling demonstration for CBSNews, the Georgia Tech Information Security Center researchers managed to hack an iPhone with their 3D printed charger called Mactans which was apparently presented at the Black Hat conference.

Research scientist Billy Lau and Ph.D. student YeongJin Jang demonstrated how vulnerable iOS 6 devices can be to hacks as they managed to install a Trojan and hide it successfully on the device itself. A phony version of the Facebook app is installed and existing one is hidden on the smartphone in around 60-80 seconds time. For the unsuspecting user it is very difficult to identify this phony app sans just one clue that it gives a slight screen swap for a second which is very difficult to catch.

Mactans iPhone hacking charger

Once you switch off the iPhone, Trojan takes effect and it punches in numbers and makes calls. Furthermore the malicious app can be programmed to put your smartphone under surveillance, to view screen remotely and steal sensitive information like banking data.

After this mind-boggling hack, the researchers contacted Apple and told them to resolve this problem in the iOS7 beta version. But if someone manages to exploit this hack then it could have serious consequences for Apple users. So, the only advice for now would be to avoid any third-party charging kits and watch out for that screen swap on your Facebook app!

Via: CBSNews



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