iReliquary 1.0 iPhone 5 dock themed on ancient architecture

iReliquary 1.0 iPhone 5 dock

An iPhone docking speaker system that reminds of the Age of Empires and the much epic Game of Throne series, this blokes is the iReliquary 1.0 dock for your iPhone 5. Having a 2.1 channel speaker system with 35 W output and subwoofer under the dome, this masterpiece is created by Georg Dinkel after 6 months of hard work. Made from rhinestones, gold powder, silver powder, wood and polymer clay, this Bluetooth sound dock is deemed as the ultimate worship space for iPhone lovers. Your iPhone 5 sits comfortably on the throne, which is the lightning connector and thereafter you can enjoy music with the cool sound system. The overall length of the iReliquary 1.0 dock is 80 cm and it measures 65 cm in width. Have a look at the video below to learn more about this niche iPhone 5 sound dock.



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