Morph Racer drivable toy car can transform into four different rides


When it comes to your kid, you want him to be the most pampered. Then whether it’s about the pimped stroller you ride him in, or about the toy car that you built for him – you want it all to be the best and in some cases the fastest. But like Thrifty, from Norwich, UK, there could be a few dads who’d want a life-size modular vehicle for kids. If you are one, Thrifty-designed Morph Racer is just for you. A toy car that instigates the dad in you to become a kid again, Morph Racer is a battery powered vehicle that can be assembled in shape of a drivable car, bike, trike and more.

The one of its kind assembled car designs that your kids can ride around in, the Morph Racer has a basic structure comprising of everything you’ll need except a motor-head imagination, which you’d have to show to assemble an all new vehicle for your kid on every call. You are required to design and assemble the plastic, metal and cardboard body panels of the Morph Racer to provide you little one the vehicle he wants to ride.

Morph Racer kit
Morph-Racer bike
Morph-Racer assembly toy car
Via: Quirky



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