Musical instrument made from 100 recycled organ pipes

Musical instrument made from 100 recycled organ pipes

Making a musical instrument brings with it all the different possibilities as the options are limitless but only a creative mind can put everything together to form something that produces ear pleasing music. One such creative instrument inventor, Sarah Kenchington has come up with a multi-colored recycled pipe organ that is inspired by 15th century gothic church organ pipes that she saw in the junk shop. Made from around 100 recycled organ pipes collected from scrap yards and eBay, the pipe organ is powered by six large bellows and it takes six musicians to play the instrument at one given time. This wind pipe is designed by Sarah especially for the ongoing Edinburgh Art Festival at Trinity Apse and according to her it can be even played by someone who doesn’t know how to play pipe organs due to its simple design.

To play some good quality music Sarah commissioned five composers Daniel Padden, Colin Broom, Muris, Brian Irvine, and Eagleowl to write pieces for the instrument ranging from classical to the improvised ones. The reason for coloring the musical instrument with different colors is to make it easier for the musician to follow the notes.

According to Composer Colin Broom

It’s very different to writing for piano, where you know how the instrument works. It’s much more unpredictable. The only way to do it was with lots of experimentation – and lots of rewriting. The notes are all color-coded, so the musicians have been coloring in their music to make it easier to follow.

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