Vibram Smart Sole with ambient LED light

Vibram Smart Sole

Vibram showed off their latest idea for a smart shoe that is a Smart Concept Sole which is embedded with LED’s to illuminate it from the under-section. The main utility of this smart sole is to have enough lighting in front of you so that it can aid in walking, assist in rescue missions in pitch dark and many other areas where one needs to maintain a low profile while having enough lighting to see what’s ahead. The sole is integrated with on-board electronics to actuate the LED’s and other hardware that is installed, whereas a small remote control or smartphone app that controls the functionality is also there. Unlike the usual lighting, Smart Concept Sole puts ahead very diffused aura of light which lightens up the dark but still manages to be minimalistic so that it cannot be seen from considerable distance.

Vibram plans to enhance the usability of the smart sole further by adding proximity sensors, temperature sensors and gas sensors for detecting hazardous gases which can be very useful in firefighting and law enforcement wherein time is of the essence. Other than that Vibram Smart Sole will be used in everyday use for sports activities, strolling in the park or camping where you need to see what’s ahead of you. Since Vibram will only produce the sole it will look to team-up with third-party manufacturers to produce the compatible shoes just like the Multicontrol Tech Shoe range.

Via: Gizmag



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