Real life Wall-E robot is even better than the animated Pixar movie character

Remote controlled WallE robot

The Pixar movie Wall-E really captured our hearts with all the emotions portrayed in a robot that falls in love with another robot EVA from some hi-fi galaxy. Well now an amazing DIY has brought the adorable Wall-E robot straight off the silver screen onto the streets. Created by Mike McMaster with help from his buddy Mike Senna, the fully functional Wall-E robot is simply amazing and truly looks like the real brother of its computer graphics generated character in the movie. The robot has full head movement courtesy servos with eyebrow raising action, movable hands via the linear actuators and independent movement for lower body that rests on carefully crafted treads which provide smooth movement on any surface.

Remote controlled Wall-E robot

This remote controlled life-size Wall-E robot looks like the real thing pictured in movie and not only manages to bring in functionalities like the charging up solar powered panel, the VHS tape etc. but also the emotion of the robot. As compared to other DIY projects this one was a difficult one to make as the only visual reference the makers had was what they saw in the movie. For the reference of body dimensions they had to take help of the objects shown in movie, as then they could compare the objects in real life and scale the Wall-E model according to it. The Remote control has two separate control sections for controlling the head and the torso of the robot and the side panels are lined up with buttons to initiate vocals of the robot.

Remote controlled WallE robot

According to Mike McMaster the real tough job was to make the treads of this robot because it was one thing showing the Wall-E robot move in the movie using CGI and another thing in real life situation. Amazingly the maker says that they have the Wall-E builders club on Yahoo even before the movie was made and after finishing their R2D2 projects they shifted onto making this cool DIY project.

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