Reboot Buggy by J.Ruiter takes us back to the evolution of four wheelers

Reboot Buggy by J.Ruiter

Automotive technology has come a long way since four wheels were first discovered and so has the automotive designs that have taken a huge leap when it comes to looks as well as comfortable seating. There are the Porsche’s, the Lamborghini’s and then there are the Hummer’s which have changes the way we commute. In a way it is not just about going from one destination to another but it is about how you go there in style. Breaking the jinx that has gripped car manufactures for so long, here comes the RebootBuggy by J.Ruiter which is a minimalistic yet powerful vehicle that can take on nay tough terrain. This is one automotive vehicle that doesn’t come under any genre like a sports car or a muscle rider but rather it is one that leaves us believing that cars were basically meant for commuting.

Designed by Joey Ruiter, the Reboot Buggy design is driven by basics of driving with an open top, two doors and passenger area. Under the hood it is a monster with V8 engine that produces 470 horsepower sitting in a 383 cubic-inch small block. The ground clearance is also good and 40 inch Knobby tires make sure that this buddy can traverse any tough terrain. The total weight of this vehicle is 10,000 pound makes this vehicle a true automotive wonder that has somehow returned from the realms of past when owning a vehicle was just about commuting from one place to other sans any retractable roof tops or gull-winged doors.

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