The Big Wheel is that intimidating bicycle in Skoda Octavia vRS commercial

The Big Wheel bicycle

Just a fortnight ago we got you acquainted with the Skoda vRS Man-Pram that was specially created for the fastest car in their line-up so far, the Octavia vRS. And in the commercial we saw quite a few niche props including the pimped up pram itself. But if you watched it carefully there was a huge front-wheeled three wheeler that a kid was riding. That very vehicle was made by the director, Keith Schofield of that commercial specially for the Octavia advertisement. Well it was hard to handle one cool pram in that commercial but to know that this vehicle called The Big Wheel which looks utterly intimidating had been specially designed just for one advertisement speaks volumes about the dedication of the production team to showcase their talents on screen and off screen as well.

Having a pedaling system, The Big Wheel looks all set to smash down anything that comes its way and not to mention the big horn that will knock your lights out for a fraction of a second if the driver happens to push the button.

Via: Technabob/ObviousWinner



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