MINI Art Beat – Dynamic videos streamed on Mini Copper in streets of London

Mini Art Beat

The streets of London are getting all the visual beat energy these days as a Mini Copper with more than an overhauled visual interface is making all the waves on the road and off it on Facebook and Twitter. Called as MINI Art Beat, it is a part of NOT NORMAL brand campaign which started on August 5th and will come to a screeching halt on 19th. The car’s body is loaded with around 48,000 hi-resolutions LEDs that morph it into a video streaming platform on wheels. Now, the videos that are streamed on this Mini Copper come from the short video clips that are shared through MINI’s Facebook app or any Vine clip Tweets with hashtag #Miniartbeat.

Mini Art Beat

The more creative bunch of video sharers can add their own design music and see the MINI Art Beat buzz pass you on the street. This also paves way for future advertising campaigns that require much more dynamic and visually appealing stimuli for passersby, catching their attention for sure and thereby making it a success.



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