Spicki Cushion Headphones for cozy music on the go

Spicki Cushion Headphones

Here are a pair of headphones that not only sound good but also give you that warm cozy feeling when you wear them or when you have them wrapped around the neck when not listening to music. Spicki Cushion Headphones connect to your smartphone, tablet, audio device or any music player to blur you out from the noisy world. They come in three colors; pink, yellow and green perfect for metrosexual geeks who like to flaunt their persona. The headphones also have a mic, so that you can answer calls and although these are just another pair of headphones but they do carry a niche USP of being “cozy”.

Spicki Cushion Headphones weight around 225 grams and are made from polyester, nylon and polyethylene material. You can get them for around $75 USD including the shipping cost if you are outside Japan.

Spicki Cushion Headphones

Spicki Cushion Headphones

Via: JapanTrendShop



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