World’s first 3D printing pen YAYA by iMakr


Back in February, when we first saw the 3Doodler – a 3D printing pen by WobbleWorks LLC hit kickstarter, we thought it would be the first 3D printing pen to hit the market. But innovation isn’t limited anyone’s legacy, and here before the 3Doodler, we have the amazing YAYA 3D printing pen by iMakr. The YAYA 3D printing pen will become the world’s first 3D printing pen available in the market when it goes on sale on August 16. The 3D printing pen allows users to draw physical objects on paper or without paper sans the need for CAD or any other design software.

The YAYA 3D printing pen provides amazing experience of 3D writing and drawing, so instead of only drawing on paper, it allows you to draw away from the paper and towards the air. The pen plugs into the main and a red LED lights up, when the extruder reaches the required temperature, the light turns blue, indicating that the pen is ready to use. The Pen uses 1.75mm ABS filament as ink.

YAYA 3D printing pen features a dual-speed settings which allows users to control speed of extruding during the drawing. It should be noted that the nib of the pen can get really hot so avoid touching it when working. Along with the 3D printing pen, iMakr is offering users 3D printing training sessions at its iMakr store at £29 (approx. $45) per session allowing users to make a variety of objects such as toy models, figurines and accessories. The YAYA 3D printing pen will cost around £79 (approx. $122).

Via: iMakr



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