3D printed wearable Raspberry Pi Glass is Steampunkish take on Google Glass


Raspberry Pi has been a modders delight since its inception, but this is perhaps the first time it has been combined with the genius of 3D printing, and the result is a wearable Raspberry Pi Glass. We have seen a few really exciting examples of wearable technology and this attempt with 3D printing makes us believe that wearable computing could reach the ubiquitous state that science fiction promises. This Steampunkish take on the Google Glass is a well-engineered, wearable computing glass which has a single board computer in the helm.

This wearable Raspberry Pi Glass is developed by a Germany group dubbed Domestic Hacks. It includes a 3D printed wristband fitted with a Bluetooth keyboard and analog wrist watch, and was made for the first Maker Faire held in Hannover recently. The printed wristband connects via Bluetooth to a TFT LCD Module used to display things in front of the users eye.

Enthusiastic DIY-ers can find all the 3D printing files for this project on Thingsverse along with all the instructions of how to make the wearable Raspberry Pi glass. Now with all this help, you can make your own cheaper Google Glass alternative at home.

3D printed wearable-Raspberry-Pi-glass 3D printed wearable-Raspberry-Pi-glass-1 3D printed wearable-Raspberry-Pi-glass-2

Via: Thingsverse



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