Beddit develops sensory sleep detector and coach that works with smartphone

Beddit sensory sleep tracker

Finland-based Beddit is a company that has made a name for itself in sleep tracking technology. Now, extending its genius, Beddit has launched a new thin strip like device which sticks to the mattress and provides user all the sleep information on the smartphone over Bluetooth. The Beddit’s device is sensor laden, which users needs to place under the bed sheet on the mattress – there are no wires or wearable headbands or wristbands involved, it’s a simple battery-less sensory device, which crunches sleep data by recording body movement  and measuring cardiorespiratory functions.

When stuck to the mattress, the Beddit sleep detector autonomously tracks various sleep information including sleep quality, heart rate, breathing tempo, snoring and movement while sleeping. The sensory device then forwards the information over Bluetooth to iOS or Android smartphone for analyzing. This process works with an app that provides a timeline to detail summary of sleep quality and score. The app also functions as a personal sleep coach – offering tips on how the user can improve sleep (insomniacs couldn’t ask for anything better).

Beddit has launched a crowdfunding campaign for their sensory sleep detector and smartphone app on Indiegogo. Beddit visions to mass produce their tracking system by November, for which they have set themselves a goal of $80,000. Early birds can grab the $149 sleep tracker for a special pre-order price of $99.




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