How Meta 1 augmented reality 3D glasses will deliver knockout punch to Google Glasses

Meta 1 augmented reality 3D glasses

Wearable technologies are going to rule the roost in the coming decade just like smartphones and tablets are doing in the current era. And the perfect catalyst for honing wearable technologies are going to be augmented reality glasses. Coming up as stiff competition to the Google Glasses, Meta 1 Augmented reality 3D glasses which are up on Kickstarter crowd-funding platform have successfully amassed the funding goal and you can lay your hands on one of these soon, as they are up for pre-order. Making the Google Glasses look lame in every aspect that they have pitched about so far, the Meta AR glasses are the brainchild of Meron Gribetz, 27-year old design student at the Columbia University along with his team consisting of big names like Professor Steve Mann (professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto) who has been working on augmented reality applications since 1980. These glasses run on Windows-based PC and in the future will have integration with all OS platforms for extended functionality.

# Why Meta 1 augmented reality 3D glasses are the big thing?

The reason why we think that they are DamnGeeky is solely due to the functionality they bring in front of your eyes, mapping virtual objects and scenarios just like the real thing. For example the gesture controlled virtual interface that we saw in movies like Minority Report, Avatar and Iron Man. The perfect amalgamation of a high-end laptop, smartphone and tablet in a augmented reality interface that you control with gesture; these glasses beat Google Glasses high and dry. Merging the real world with virtual world means that these glasses offer 23 degrees of vision for each eye in the center of field of vision and once the stereoscopic effects set in the perceived distance is then varied according the user’s vision.

# What’s the technology used in Meta 1?

• Stereoscopic, semi-transparent QHD LCD compact projector displays (TFT) with LED backlight

• See-through, projected QHD active matrix displays on semi-transparent beam-splitter optical lens

• Dual cameras, HD RGB and IR Time-of-flight camera with depth-sensing capability and stereo audio

• Multi-layer SDK with gesture recognition, QR tracking, markless feature-tracking and IMU integration

# What’s in it for the end-user?

• The depth camera interface exposes all the data at low and high level therefore giving access to object meshes, fingers and hand gestures

• The high end surface tracking algorithms allow you to anchor virtual content to the real world without any fiducial markers

• The use of time-flight technology reduces the latency, thereby allowing you to manipulate screen content by reaching out your hand and touching it

• The high powered wearable glasses are capable of making any computer or smartphone look naïve all due to the 3D augmented reality interface

# Meta 1 augmented reality 3D glasses hardware specifications

• Twin 960×540 see through TFT LCD displays at 23 degrees Field of View, via HDMI

• 720p RGB camera via USB

• 320×240 Infra-Red Depth Camera via USB

• 9 degree of freedom sensor (3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis compass) via USB

# Meta 1 augmented reality 3D glasses software specifications

• Chess

• 3D Sculpt+Print Tool, in partnership with Game Draw 3D

• Laser Tag

• Voxel Editor

• MetaCraft, a MineCraft simulator

# What’s in it for the developers with Unity 3D SDK?

• Unity 3D Surface Tracking for markers, features and featureless surfaces

• Unity 3D Hand Tracking including hand meshes, skeleton and gestures

• Depth map and RGB feed fully accessible for custom computer vision work

• Example applications from the above list as open source code for you to work from

# Is the price of Meta 1 glasses justified?

Since Meta 1 augmented reality 3D glasses are now available for pre-order at the price of $667 and will be delivered from November 2013 onwards. Now, considering the features Google Glasses are providing at this point in time, Mega 1 looks a true winner at this price. So if you are a big fan of augmented reality 3D glasses then go for it as only 22 of these are left in the slot of November deliverables.

Via: Kickstarter



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