Elysium memorial spacecraft provides space funeral at just $2000

Memorial spaceflight service on Elysium memorial spacecraft

Nobody knows what happens after one dies, does the energy take another physical form or we simply waste our time in post death ceremonies morning for the deceased? This mystery will remain an unsolved query but since we are emotionally driven beings, having funeral ceremonies gives us a sense of warmth as we assume that the dead person is in another world all happy and satisfied. Some people go to great extents to show their love and in remembrance of the loved one, slashing out huge sum of money to make sure the deceased remains happy for eternity and probably in next life. One such example of memorial actions is sending the ashes of deceased into space but that costs a hell lot and can only be afforded by the superrich. But Elysium Space, a start-up based in San Francisco has other plans as it offers Memorial Spaceflight Services to its customers at just $2000 USD.

Memorial spaceflight service on Elysium memorial spacecraft

Once you place the order, Elysium Space will send you a kit comprising custom ash capsule made from space-grade aluminum and a mini-scoop to transfer the ashes from urn. Thereafter you ship back the capsule and on launch day Elysium memorial spacecraft will launch it into space with the initials of the deceased elegantly engraved on the capsule cap. Additionally you can put up a remembrance message of at-most 80 characters that will be engraved into spacecraft metal plates.

Once in the Earth’s orbit, the spacecraft will circulate the planet for several months or even years before finally falling into the orbit again, burning like a shooting star, giving you loved one the most dramatic tribute. Probably then you can say that amen, he/she had a wonderful life and even after dying he/she was a shooting star in the sky!

Memorial spaceflight service on Elysium memorial spacecraft

You’ll get a special invitation to the launch day event and a professionally compiled video too to keep the memories. Once in the Earth’s orbit the ashes can be tracked by you using Android and iOS freeware app that will show the exact position of Elysium memorial spacecraft at any given point of time.

Elysium memorial spacecraft is scheduled for launch in summer 2014 and the number of applicants will be based on the capacity of spacecraft. The ones who place the orders first will be given preference in case the orders exceed the capacity, so it would be better to place orders if you really want someone you loved to have a grand journey after life.

Memorial spaceflight service on Elysium memorial spacecraft

# According to Elysium Space

The launch will take place at the Cape Canaveral launch facility in Florida. This fantastic and unique event will be webcasted and we will provide a professionally produced video as well. Moreover, you and your guests are welcome to join us at the launch viewing event and celebrate while watching the rocket reach the final frontier. After the Elysium spacecraft is deployed, you will receive a certificate attesting the success of the launch, including the official spacecraft tracking ID assigned by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).



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