Unchoken Lucky Dog – Coin eating and pooping pet box

Unchoken Lucky Dog money bank

Of all the piggy banks probably dogs are the ones that don’t like them simply because it is the pig that is depositing all the cash. Jokes apart taking a leap from the age old piggy bank that is simply a container for collecting coins and paper currency, this robot dog bank is something cool. Unchoken Lucky Dog is your lucky saving dog that takes the coin inside its mouth and then makes a full 180 degree turn to deposit the coin inside the box by pooping it. The money box is a cool replacement for the usual piggy banks and since the dog is too cute too ignore, it probably makes sense to buy one for your kids.

Unchoken Lucky Dog money bank

The dog lifts its tail before it poops the coin inside the box to make it look real and will definitely encourage kids to save more coins as they would be tempted to see this dog make the moves again and again. The Unchoken Lucky Dog runs using two AA batteries and comes in three color options; black, brown and white. Although this money bank is designed for Japanese coins since it a Japanese gadget, but still other coins will also work will this toy. Unchoken Lucky Dog money pooping pet coin box will only cost you back $40 USD and you can order it right away.

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