Open source DIY cellphone that you can make at home

DIY cellphone by David A Mellis

So what is better than slashing out dollars and pounds on some new age smartphone from a phone manufacturer? Well, make one for yourself. David A. Mellis has made his own Arduino based DIY cellphone as a part of his PhD research at MIT Media Lab proving that cellphones need not be that expensive, burning a hole in our pocket. The phone is quite capable of receiving/dialing calls, texting, displaying time and much more all courtesy Arduino GSM Shield. David made the cellphone in two versions; one that has black and white LCD and other one having eight-character matrix of red LEDs. This open source cellphone can be made by anyone who is a keep DIYer and looking for a good weekend project as David is generous enough to put up all the making details up on his blog.

David has also run two workshops where he has taught other people how to make one for themselves and some have come up with their versions of the cellphone which have a 3D printed case, made from card-board or CNC milled ones. He plans to make improvements to this cellphone design and inside electronics and maybe in the coming future there will be a thumping cellphone on the cards for people who want to take the term customized cellphone to new levels.

DIY cellphone by David A Mellis

DIY cellphone by David A Mellis

DIY cellphone by David A Mellis_6

Via: MIT



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  1. Mateusz Porczak-Glanowski says:

    We have that already: cheaper, better and without hassle – it’s called “Feature phone”, something Smartphone-crazy youth seems to forget ever existed.

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