$600 rvnDSGN 3D printed wristwatch is the best you can own

rvnDSGN 3D printed wristwatch

Of all the 3D printed gadgets and gizmos that we have featured here on our portal, probably this one is the most luring in terms of owning one or gifting someone special. Designed by rvnDSGN, this 3D printed wristwatch is brainchild of Zach Raven and is the latest example of high grade additive manufacturing technique. Made using laser-sintered solid titanium, the watch has a unique character of subtle graining on the case which is different for each piece making it unique in its own way. And the watch has Swiss ETA 7-jewel movement, sapphire crystal lens and handmade leather nubuck straps to exemplify its quality credentials.

The 20mm straps come in two color options; slightly pebbled graphite nubuck having matte silver hardware or the gold nubuck with black hardware. All this class used in this 3D printed wristwatch comes courtesy Worn & Wound with whom rvnDSGN has partnered for the strap design. Now, coming on to the price it may seem a bit on the higher side at $600 a-piece but its uniqueness and the fact that it is 3D printed makes it worth having on your wrist.

rvnDSGN 3D printed wristwatch

Via: 3Ders



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