Forefront is lightest bike helmet with superstrong ventilated protection foam

Smith Optics Forefront bike helmet

When it comes to helmets, there is no dearth of creativity. We have seen all sorts of innovative, functional and comfortable helmets but all of them have the same hard unventilated material. Now with a vision to make helmets more airy, Smith Optics has revealed the first glimpse of a special helmet made for mountain biking. Dubbed the Forefront, the helmet is built to be the lightest helmet spec’d at 285 grams and is made with a patented new material called Koroyd which promises to provide riders ventilated all-mountain protection that no other bicycle helmet dares to.

Forefront creator’s Smith Optics is reckoned for their sunglasses, goggle and helmets for snow-based sports. Now with the use of new material in the helmet for mountain biking, the company has taken us by surprise. The Forefront helmet uses green koroyd material which can soak up about 30% more energy on event of unfortunate impact as compared to the EPS foam, which is the industry standard.

Koroyd material’s open pattern lets the air through and makes the helmet comparatively cooler yet more robust than its competitor bike helmets. For the benefit of the bikers, the Forefront has a goggle retention clip on the rear along with mounts for bike light and wearable camera on the front. The Forefront helmet is expected to launch early next year with a $220 price tag.

Smith Optics Forefront bike helmet with Koroyd material

Smith Optics Forefront bike helmet

Smith Optics Forefront bike helmet

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