WhiteClouds creates 3D printed model of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop


We are not sure when the conceptual plan for futuristic Hyperloop – a solar-powered transportation system by Tesla Motors and SpaceX chief Elon Musk will make real, but thanks to 3D printing company WhiteClouds, the Hyperloop has been built to the desktop size model. The superfast transportation system proposed for the future was created as a 3D model in under 24 hours as part of a challenge to make Hyperloop concept into something real.

The Hyperloop is actually a dream in the pipeline that is planned to feature a passenger transport capsule which will glide through elevated tubes supported by pillars to board and de-board.  A set of three 3D printers was used to create the layer by layer model of the Hyperloop from CAD, these included the Connex 500 printer, ProJet 3500 HDMax and ZPrinter 650 which were used to print the pillars, tubes and pods respectively. All the differently printed parts were then assembled together to make the complete model.


Via: Yahoo



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