DARPA’s Transformer TX, from flying car to VTOL robotic delivery system

Darpa Transformer TX

Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works in collaboration with Piasecki Aircraft are working on a DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) funded Transformer TX project, which is slated to give the concept of off-road and all new dimension. The project started off as another hopeful flying car, but has now turned into something entirely different – a one of a kind autonomous flying object to carry vehicles and cargo to dangerous areas in times of emergencies.

The transportation needs of vehicles and cargo today are met by typical, yet highly mobile helicopters and wheeled vehicles, which are limited in ability. DARPA’s Transformer TX intends to combine the goodness of wheeled vehicles and helicopters into one vehicle that will maximize mobility of required cargo and vehicles without any road obstructions and flight issues.

The designers at Lockheed Martin and Piasecki Aircraft have duped the idea of a flying car in favor of an autonomous drone-like VTOL carrier, which will be more like a robotic delivery system that can carry anything pod-sized, which includes cargo containers and even vehicles.  If the idea is well executed then by 2015 (when the Transformer TX is expected to be made available for flight testing) the final version of the innovative carrier could come with a range of 250 miles at a top speed of 200 knots, thanks to its dual pivoting duct fans.

With the Transformer TX transportation will no longer be restricted to traffic-clogged terrains or routed air ways that make movement very predictable and easy to track. Transformer TX will definitely enhance capabilities by reducing time tracks and increasing the possibility of survival.

Darpa Transformer TX Darpa Transformer TX  Darpa Transformer TX

Via: IEEESpectrum/Gizmodo



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