Smartphone controlled quadcopter functions without human intervention

Vienna University Smartphone powered Quadcopter

Smartphone controlled quadcopters that take their navigation commands from a mobile device at a distance using an app are so old fashioned. Adding spice to things, Virtual Reality Team at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) have created a new age quadcopter which features a smartphone on-board. The new quadcopter propelled by four rotors doesn’t require human interference to navigate through a room – thanks to the smartphone as brain, the autonomous helicopter maneuvers its way around a room entirely on its own.  

Similar drones built by companies like Parrot are piloted using a smartphone app, thus these are more like toys, Vienna quadcopter on the other hand is more autonomous gizmo, which can be used in a variety of situations where humans cannot even provide assistance to a rescue device. The quadcopter utilizes on-board smartphone’s camera to provide visual information while the phone’s processor functions as the brain.

To test the quadcopter’s navigational abilities, Vienna researchers equipped a floor with visual codes to create a virtual map. The quadcopter easily picked the codes to navigate the environment and reach a pre-defined region. It took the designers about $1,300 in to build various parts, in the near future however, the quadcopter can be much cheaper and better.

Vienna University Smartphone powered Quadcopter

Vienna University Smartphone powered Quadcopter

Via: UniversityofVienna/Gizmag



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