NFC enabled foldable One2Touch Softpad S1 keyboard for Android smartphones

One2Touch Softpad S1keyboard by Brookstone

World’s first near field communication (NFC) keyboard for Android smartphones has arrived and it is definitely one impressive accessory to own. With an ergonomic design that allows the user to comfortably type-in the text needed as it morphs into a keyboard equivalent to 13-inch laptop PC, this pocket-sized foldable NFC Keyboard dubbed as One2Touch Softpad S1 keyboard by Brookstone can be yours for just $99. As opposed to Bluetooth communication, using NFC is far superior as it facilitates instant pairing and low battery drain.

Since Android has realized the possibilities of NFC technology and inducing this technology in its line-up of latest smartphones, therefore getting hold of One2Touch Softpad S1 keyboard makes even more sense as there are going to be no compatibility issues. Moreover there is no need for recharging as the internal battery lasts for about 18 months.

One2Touch Softpad S1keyboard by Brookstone

NFC enabled device like this keyboard can be instantly paired with 5-inch smartphone by simply placing them close to each other and once paired, the two pair instantly whenever you place the smartphone on the landing pad of One2Touch Softpad S1. Now comes the USP of this QWERTY keyboard, it has a split functionality with bank of keys on the left and right. This gives freedom to people who are accustomed to normal keyboard typing and want to do all their work from smartphone.

The 45 keys are made from resilient silicone material and this foldable keyboard weighs just 5 ounces. When not needed this smartphone accessory can be folded completely for easy handling.

Via: One2Touch/Brookstone



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