Bionic contact lens will give sensory vision to the blind

Bionic contact lens

Much like a braille is used provide a sense of vision to the blind, now touch can also be deciphered to the brain and visualize what the blind is looking at. Israeli researcher Professor Zeev Zalevsky (Bar-IIAN University) has invented new bionic contact lens that uses electrical signals from transponder and then transmits that encoded image via the lens to the wearer’s camera, thereafter the image is translated into tactile sensation that can be felt by the visually impaired. In the eye there are 600 times more sensors in the cornea than the fingertips so the blind can sense the image at very high resolution. This sensation is very close to feeling person’s face with one hand. Somehow this new innovation differs from the artificial retinas as they last only couple of years and provide image at very low resolution.

Although the prototype version of this bionic contact lens has to go through clinical trials, the tests so far have been good as after wearing them the users felt they could see in a few minutes. According to Zalevsky when a blind person wears them, they are quite capable of recognizing a house, door, car and other objects.

Bionic contact lens

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