Modus III – First real productivity workstation for iPad and iPhone

Modus III iPad workstation

With the flood of apps, the iPad has matured into amazingly productive real-world tool, so much so that more than 50 percent of its owners say they use it as their primary computer. Tapping on this facet, Modus III has been introduced as a productivity workstation for iPad. This if a lot more than another iPad case or accessory which comes with a keyboard, it is basically a comfortable and private workstation which makes managing the iPad ever more convenient. Modus III comprises of a laptop size keyboard with iPad and iPhone dock and 180 degree adjustable screen viewing angle to glorify the pleasure of use.

Being a new age accessory, the Modus III is a dose of convenience and versatility, yet the workstation measures as light as 2.4 lbs. Featuring an aircraft grade aluminum frame and highly robust polycarbonate body and removable case available with a pair of AA batteries. The Modus III for now is compatible with iPad 2, 3 and 4 along with iPhones and Android smartphones with micro USB. A user can also choose to click a button to release the iPad and iPhone from the Modus lll to go ultra-mobile with iPad.

Modus III has reached Kickstarter to gather some momentum to jumpstart it into production. Early birds can benefit by grabbing the Modus III for $169. Please hit the jump to see the introductory video of the Modus lll.

Modus III iPad workstation

Modus III iPad workstation

Modus III iPad workstation

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