EVO ONE Sensorized Basketball + Performance Technology for better ball control

EVO ONE Sensorized Basketball + Performance Technology

Sports is revolutionizing every day infused with high end technology and yet another example is this basketball loaded with micro-sensor technology that will improve your game by leaps and bounds. EVO ONE Sensorized Basketball + Performance Technology by Shooters Revolution transforms a traditional basketball into your personal coach as it goes on analyzing gameplay. Using Micro-Sensor technology that has audibly enabled components, EVO ONE basketball carefully keeps a check on motion using angular velocity gyro and processor having embedded RISC architecture. The basketball weighs 0.37oz and the hardware fitted inside is protected using shock resistant features. As compared to some other similar basketballs embedded with sensors to measure gameplay, EVO ONE gives instant audio feedback when a shot is taken correctly for instance.

EVO ONE Sensorized Basketball + Performance Technology

In addition to this the Micro-Sensor Technology measures backspin rate, axes and the balance of basketball. This in turn helps player build muscle memory and retain the skills during high pressure games. Currently the project is up on Kickstarter crowd-funding website and looks good to make it through to the production stage.

Via: ShootersRevolution/Kickstarter



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