OVO autoplay online video player streams media content seamlessly on TV

OVO First Autoplay Online Video Player

Finally we could be seeing an online video player that collects all your favorite online videos and organizes them to Autoplay on TV with just a click. OVO autoplay online video player releases you from the jinx of looking for an easy way to watch online videos on TV. The first of its kind, this gadget makes watching online videos much more enjoyable for big screen viewing. Using the OVO-Q app that perfectly organizes and shares all the videos from the cloud, OVO then seamlessly makes it possible to play videos and then share them with friends and family. It is also possible to switch videos between handheld devices and OVO anytime you want.

OVO First Autoplay Online Video Player

OVO settings and OVO remote turns your smartphone into a remote controller for playing selected videos on TV or change the native OVO hardware settings. The intriguing egg-shaped design of OVO not only enhances the look but also helps in achieving high WiFi signal quality. So if you want this small little media content streaming gadget then there is good news as it will be funded on Indiegogo platform one week down the lane.

Via: Indiegogo


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